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Dear Followers,

Honestly y’all, I think badly drawn youtubers has had its run. It was really fun and great for a while, but I personally have lost a lot of respect for the youtube community, and it just isn’t apart of my life anymore. I’m thankful for the laughs, the great times, the random moments of excitement when a youtuber would find our stuff, it was amazing. 

Of course the blog will stay up, it will always be a place to go and laugh at stupid puns and horrible drawings,. Thank you to everyone who followed us, sent us messages, and just made this all possible. Y’all are amazing, and as corny as this sounds, this blog was more your’s than mine or Lizzie’s or Tan’s. 

It’s been a damn good ride, and part of me is sad to say goodbye. 

Thank you,


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Badly Drawn Youtubers is looking for some new Co-Admins!

WELL GOLLY GEE THIS DAY HAS FINALLY COME. After spending a lot of time thinking about it, it made me really sad that this blog is just sitting here, rarely being touched. What made it fun was that making the drawings was a hobby, but it actually started to feel like a job. (An unpaid one at that, making motivating myself to actually do work even harder.) 

I want this blog to come back to it’s glory, and hopefully bringing in some new energy to the crew, things will pick back up. Now of course, once you’re a member of the Badly Drawn Youtubers’ crew, you’re here for life. I will still be the main admin and Lizzie, Tan, and Xantia are always welcome to pop on by, do a drawing, or make a post. 

So, if you’re interested in joining the crew here’s the information I will need:



Location/Time Zone:

If you have a skype: 

Why you want to join the crew:

A sample drawing of a youtuber of your choice eating a snack of your choice. Be as creative or simple as you want!

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well you do have to love yourself before you can love someone else 

well you do have to love yourself before you can love someone else 

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tbh i dont know if i want to give connor franta puppies or rip his clothes of and ravish him. 


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you to should be friends… or more than friends ;)

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Hannah Hart, Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley sharing words of encouragement at VidCon’s 2014 LGBTQ+ Panel on June 27th 

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Anonymous asked
I'm sorry you had panic attacks this weekend, people shouldn't mob like that 💜

I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only one, and that actually worries me a bit. I made sure to take the breaks I needed but that doesn’t mean everyone did. But thank you my love, it really comes down to it being celebrity culture and all of that weirdness, which i truly don’t understand. 

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VidCon 2014 

I’ve seen a lot of posts and videos about people’s thoughts on VidCon this year and after thinking about my experience for a few days I feel ready to write about it. [Everything I am posting is based on PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and is just my opinion, nothing else.]

As most of you know, I attended VidCon last year, and it was a very different experience. I pushed myself physically to a point where I wasn’t eating and hardly sleeping because I thought I had to be in a line for a signing or I just personally felt like I didn’t have time to do those things. I spent most of the convention waiting in signing lines, and wandering about the expo hall. I did not attend any panels or Q&A’s. In a way I’m glad I did my first year of VidCon the way I did because I sort of got the fangirling over with. 

This year was a far more “professional” or “adult” year for me because I went in with the mindset of really only wanting to meet one person. This was partially because over the corse of the past few months with everything that had happened in the YouTube community, I no longer felt the draw to it. This year I let myself rest, I wasn’t getting up at crazy hours to wait in lines, and I made sure my day ended around 3 so I could go back to my hotel to eat and take a nap. I attended panels, some because I was interested in the topic, and others as time fillers. The ‘time filler’ panels actually turned out to be some of my favourites and its just really lovely to learn something new rather than wait in a line, cranky and such. After attending panels, and having brief but meaningful conversations with creators I felt far more inspired to start creating myself. 

I feel like I cannot technically compare the two years based on my experience because they were so different, but these are the things i can compare.

Now those things did make my trip far more stressful, but aside from those things, it was a very pleasurable experience. Everyone I talked to, from people in lines with me to content creators they were all very kind and really interesting to have a conversion with, regardless of how brief. I have to admit that I am a little scared to possibly attend next year, but I do know that because people are voicing their thoughts on this year, maybe next year will be better.  

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more updates soon 

more updates soon 

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