Really, it's all in the title. We draw youtubers, without any artistic ability.

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hi, im very sorry ive been gone for so long, i fell out of love with youtube for a while and couldnt really motivate myself to draw but i will try to get back into it!

-Tan <3

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Anonymous asked
i miss your drawings <\3

And I miss drawing believe me. I had my spring break this week and was hoping to crank out a bunch of drawings but I got really sick and actually ended up in the hospital for a short while.

We are all teenagers, bogged down with school and work and social lives so drawing has to be put on the back burner. Soon summer will be upon us and we will return in full swing.

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Anonymous asked
I miss you

I miss you too. Without anons this blog would basically not have anything to go off of.

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#jon cozart #paint #disney #happily ever after #i make the lamest jokes send help #oli #is reall dumb

its been a while 

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tell someone you love them today 

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#I AM VERY SORRY ABOUT THE LACK OF DRAWINGS #ive been crazy busy and hardly at home #also ive been sick so i'll be like sleeping for 15 hours a day #blame my boyfriend he takes all my time away #stupid boyfriend don't you know i have a blog to run? #i'm going to be away this weekend but i will be back on monday and i swear to captian america #i will draw 3 things #i promise #to captian fucking america

in brighter news we’ll be back to drawing asap, offline life has taken over our souls. 

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#i miss drawing #i just really dont have time #maybe i should just drop out and draw stick figures
Anonymous asked
what sexual abuse? what's happening? (sorry if i seem ignorant <3)

I am not the best source for information, seeing as I am also trying to piece it together but here is the link to Olga’s blog post: 

Be aware that there may be triggers, so keep that in mind <3

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After hearing about the sexual abuse coming from youtubers, I feel slightly obligated to make this post. Now, I feel wrong going on and on about how betrayed I feel or something like that, because what I feel is nothing compared to the people who were actually involved. My goes out to Olga and anyone else who have to dealing with this, and all other forms of abuse.  

I can’t really phrase my words into something coherent, other than if you are being abused in any way, shape, or form, get help. It is not your fault. You do not deserve this.  

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#TW: sexual abuse #TW:Rape #youtube #TW: abuse #tom milsom #im really upset about this because youtube should be a safe place and now it just feels scary
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